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“For the first time in my life, I feel like I can breathe.” – Anonymous veteran


“This is what normal people feel like? No way.” – Anonymous survivor of childhood trauma


“[PTSD] is not eating my life in the same way as it was before SGB.” – Anonymous medical professional


My SGB experience wasn’t “happy” like the one guy in the video said, but I did feel ease/peace/contentment. It probably took 5-15 minutes after the injection for me to really feel & trust that response, but it’s been consistent in the hours since.

More concretely:

1) My pre-injection blood pressure was 137/90, & my post-injection BP was 108/70.

2) In the pre-injection waiting room, I was keyed up & agitated…fidgety, face hot, eyes darting, cussing. In the post-injection waiting room, I could have taken a nap. I didn’t feel like I had a care in the world.

3) In the lobby afterwards while I was waiting for checkout, a random guy came & stood unreasonably close to me. My chest didn’t tighten. My muscles didn’t tense. And I didn’t make a scene (e.g., turning to stare him down, calling him out). Similarly, we went to eat afterwards. I didn’t get keyed up a single time…not while placing my order, not while another customer stared at me, not while people were behind me…not once. In sum, I’m still aware of the things that would normally bother me, but I had no physiological, emotional, or behavioral response to them.

4) On the drive home, my spouse remarked that I was uncharacteristically calm…that I didn’t tense up, grab the door, play backseat driver, or act hypervigilant. When we had almost made it home, another car drifted into our lane. I felt a tiny jolt…like a tiny little safety-pin-sized jolt, & then it immediately went away. It wasn’t a whole body possession the way it’s been in the past, & it didn’t last longer than the tiny jolt did. Unlike in the past, I was able to communicate like a reasonable human being within seconds (i.e., recovery time from the jolt was seconds & not hours).

5) There’s a huge difference in my thoughts. I normally have many competing trains of thoughts in my mind, & my head space is normally going at warp speed. I’ve described it as heavy traffic on a multi-lane highway. Post-injection, however, I’m able to literally think of one topic at a time, focus on the present, & shift trains of thought if someone else starts talking to me.

6) I’m able to see others’ tension &/or agitation quicker & more clearly, because it’s not clouded by my own.

7) My spouse kept running little experiments on me…making loud noises, springing changes of plans on me, etc. (I didn’t know until afterwards it was intentional.) My spouse wanted to see if I’d react in my normal ways, & I didn’t. I was cool, calm, & collected.

8) It was taking me 30-60 minutes to fall asleep at night, & that’s been whittled down to 5-15 minutes.

So all in all, this is a game changer.

– Anonymous veteran

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