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Are you tired of trying to live a normal, dignified life while battling PTSD…only to feel like your efforts are never enough? Do you see that your PTSD has a negative impact on your relationships, but you don’t know how to stop that from happening?

We are a group of veterans energized to spread the word about a groundbreaking PTSD treatment that has changed our lives and the lives of other veterans we know and love.

PTSD is not just a psychological problem. PTSD is also a physical problem, and advances in science are only just beginning to uncover the degree to which PTSD is a physical problem. With these discoveries, the healthcare community is increasingly recognizing that perhaps psychotherapy (i.e., “talk therapy”) alone isn’t enough to truly restore quality of life to individuals living with PTSD. Resultantly, the healthcare community has been examining novel approaches to treatment – one of which is the Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB).

We believe that the relief we have experienced from SGB should be available to all trauma survivors. Thus, this site is designed to provide free information and resources about SGB for PTSD. So leave your credit card in your wallet and settle in for some knowledge that could change your life…or the life of someone you love.