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About SGB for Vets

Mission Statement

At, we aspire to end the needless suffering of individuals living with PTSD by changing the narrative about the physical properties of PTSD and widely disseminating information about its available treatments. By providing education and resources that can reduce PTSD symptoms, we also hope to reduce PTSD-related suicide rates.

Our Team

Joye Henrie, PhD – Dr. Henrie served active duty in the United States Air Force as a clinical psychologist and a suicide prevention program manager. She currently owns a private practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she also co-founded a group practice that specializes in treating military members, veterans, and their loved ones. Dr. Henrie strives daily to provide value-added treatment for PTSD, to advocate for the needs of the veteran community, and to train civilian mental health professionals to provide culturally competent care to our veteran population. In addition to seeing patients and training mental health professionals, Dr. Henrie provides trainings to the PTSD Foundation of America and Camp Hope, is a certified war trauma expert, and is an ad hoc reviewer for the Defense Health Agency’s Clinical Communities Speaker Series.

Brian Hill – Mr. Hill is an Arizona native and a 21 year retired USAF combat wounded veteran.  He served in various mission sets including Combat Search and Rescue as well as a Combat Air Advisor focusing in the IW/UW and Foreign Internal Defense arenas.  Mr. Hill is also a PTSD survivor; he works diligently to bring his personal experiences and awareness about the positive effects of SGB treatments vs the traditional routes of routine prescription drugs and narcotics that more often leave many veterans still feeling lost, helpless and hopeless.  Some benefits Mr. Hill has experienced from SGB include reduction in severity and frequency of nightmares, reduced anxiety and his ability to deal with triggers have become easier to manage.  Bottom line, Mr. Hill has accepted the fact that there is no real cure for PTSD… but there is promising hope to being able to treat and manage it without the need of routine prescription medications or daily narcotics!

Sujana Chowdhury, MSW – Sujana earned her Master’s degree in Social Work at New Mexico State University in May 2021. She is now pursuing her Licensed Clinical Social Worker credentialing and serves as a psychodynamic therapist at a Veteran owned private practice that specializes in treating military affiliated folks. Sujana has worked in a variety of Social Work roles and through her collected experiences, she has discovered a passion for working with people who have experienced trauma. After increasingly learning about the distinct nature of military experiences, the major discrepancies between civilian and military life, and the shortage of qualified mental healthcare providers for military-connected individuals, Sujana was driven to dedicate her professional work to this population.